Running through the Seasons


I love to start off my day with a nice run and since this is my first (real) blog post I decided that it would be only fitting to start it off with running as well.  So below are my tips on surviving runs through the brutal and not so brutal seasons.


Summer is an awesome time for running because just about everything is absolutely perfect.  Where I live the temperature is just right, not too hot or too cold.  This is a plus because you don’t have to wear layers and layers of clothes, you can just throw on a t-shirt and shorts and go on a run.  I can safely say that Summer is one of my favorite times to run. IMG_1956This is due to the fact that all the flowers are blooming, which in turn make great scenery for runs.  Although most of the season is perfect, there are a few downsides.  Since it is Summer, the sun is out for the majority of the day and if you’re planning a longer run and burn easily you will probably want to apply some sunscreen before you go out.  Life can’t be the same everyday and neither can the temperature.  While most days are an excellent temperature for running but there are guaranteed to be bad days when it’s scorching hot or freezing cold.  Rain is also another factor in the weather that most people think make for a bad run, but I honestly love to run in the rain.  It’s so refreshing and in spite of getting completely soaked I think it’s one of the best conditions to run in.


Fall is such a pretty season.  The leaves just make everything look so peaceful and pretty to the point that the world seems to be screaming for you to go on a run.  Fall is the signature time for long distance running given that it’s Cross Country season.  I happen to love long distance running and don’t just go on long runs during the Fall, but if you’re more of a short distance runner I would highly recommend trying at least one long run in this beautiful scenery.  If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but it’s nice to be able to see all the lovely foliage every once in a while and just take it in.  The temperature is pretty mixed throughout the Fall because it’s a transition season.  In the beginning of Fall the weather is pretty warm and similar to Summer, but as the days grow shorter the weather gets colder.  Fall is when most runners transition between shorts and leggings, it’s hard to exactly pinpoint an exact date but it’s probably around late October or early November.  You do have to be careful when running in the fall though because tree roots and rocks might be hiding under the leaves and the last thing that you want to do is trip on one of them and twist an ankle or break a leg.


Winter is both my favorite and least favorite season to run in due to all the ups and downs of it.  This might be because of all the wonderful holidays during this time or the fact that my birthday is in the Winter but it also might be because of the snow.  IMG_6707The snow is one of the most beautiful things ever, and when it’s snowing while you’re out on a run it seems as though the world stops just for you to enjoy those small flakes.  It’s even more peaceful than Fall.  The snow is a gigantic plus in my mind and it’s enough to balance out Winter with all it’s downsides.  There are a lot of downsides to running in the Winter, many of which come in forms of clothing.  Unlike in Summer in order to stay cozy and comfortable you have to where a bunch of layers and even then you may be freezing.  I have been on some pretty miserable runs in the Winter which have been bad because I spent the entire time shivering.  Not all places get as cold during the Winter as where I live so it may be completely possible that you could be fine running in just shorts and a t-shirt just like during Summer, but for me leggings are a major essential for Winter running.  Long sleeve tops are also pretty important as well.  I always have to wear gloves in the Winter, but that’s just me, my hands get cold easily so I like to have the gloves on in order to keep them pretty warm.  I also like to wear a hat or some sort of headband to keep my ears from turning into icicles.  Most roads and sidewalks get their snow plowed, but there is the occasional back road or sidewalk that has mountains of snow on it that you have to waddle through in order to get home or wherever you are running to.  This results in wet sneakers and socks, along with chunks of rapidly melting snow stuck inside your shoe.  This is probably one of the biggest downsides to Winter in my opinion.  Although this seems horrible the gorgeous snow makes it worth it in my opinion.


Spring is a transition season just like Fall and it’s different depending on where you live.  Where I live it’s not pretty and the majority of the season is spent dealing with melting piles of slushy, dirty, disgusting snow that’s been there collecting mud for months.  Spring is the opposite of Fall because it starts out cold and gets warmer.  In my hometown flowers don’t begin to bloom until the last few weeks of Spring once all the snow has finally left which makes for a kind of gray season.  I’m not a big fan of Spring due to the grossness of it where I live, but I do know for a fact that it’s breathtakingly beautiful in other places.  In some places Spring is just like the Summer where I live, which sounds amazing, but there are no ups without downs so I get why I have to trade in Winter for Spring in order to get Summer.  It just wouldn’t make sense if I didn’t.

Although all the seasons have ups and downs about them running through any of them is a pleasure for me because I love to run.  Also, seasons are completely different depending on the location that you’re in so some of the points in this post my seem totally wrong compared to what you’re used to.  See you guys soon!  IMG_2986


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