A Toast to Texas

First off I am so sorry that I have been super inactive for the last couple months.  School has been taking up the majority of my time, but I am back now.  I already have a couple ideas of what I’m going to post (i.e. New Years DIYs!!!!) in the coming weeks so make sure to stay tuned!
Anyways, on a more related note, I recently had the pleasure of visiting Houston, Texas for my cousin’s wedding.  I had an amazing time and I found the city very charming.  While I was there I visited Rice Village, a section of town which has the most adorable shops and restaurants.  I spent several afternoons there browsing through all of the different stores and eating at a few of the restaurants.

My favorite restaurant that I ate at was Torchy’s Tacos.  Outside of the restaurant there is a wall made up of reflective tiles (shown above).  These tiles are a cool addition to the charming atmosphere.  At Torchy’s there are many different styles of tacos to choose from, but after debating which one to get I finally settled on the taco called “The Crossroads“.  IMG_2724.JPGThe brisket was cooked to perfection, and the avocado added a creamy texture.  The grated cheese on top melted in my mouth.  Needless to say, the taco was gone in mere seconds.

I love any excuse to dress up, so the minute that I heard about the event I knew exactly what I was going to wear.  I had had my eye on a gorgeous dress fromIMG_2715.JPG Bloomingdales for the longest time, but I had nothing to wear it to.  I paired this dress with some heels that I happened to stumble upon on Zappos one day.  I also brought along a black Kate Spade clutch that has been sitting in my closet for a while.  The last item, which I knew was a must to complete this outfit, was a simple Black Pashmina which I have also had for a fairly long time.

Overall Texas is a great place to visit and I highly recommend checking out Torchy’s as well as Rice Village if your in the area.


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