DIY Confetti Poppers



But that almost doesn’t matter, right?  January 1st is just around the corner so it’s practically 2016.  With the new year rapidly approaching, I decided that I would show you guys how to make these adorable confetti poppers.  They’re perfect for any celebration or party and can be easily transported due to their small sizing.  These poppers can be decorated in many different ways and each one is unique.  This project isn’t complex, either, so people of all ages can help out in the designing, constructing, and decorating these poppers.

For this DIY you will need the following:

Cardboard Roll


Decorative Paper



Ruler (Mine is from Poppin)

Plastic Fork

Tin Foil

Double Sided Tape

Confetti Filling (Colored Paper, Glitter, Sequence, etc)

Tissue Paper

Decortive Ribbon/String

Step 1: Take your cardboard roll and place it on your sheet of plain cardboard.  Trace the bottom of the cardboard roll onto the cardboard and IMG_2736.JPGthen cut out the circle.  When cutting the circle out, make sure to cut inside of the lines so your circle is a little smaller then what you originally drew.  The cardboard circle should be just big enough to fit inside the cardboard roll and stay put, just like in this picture.

Step 2: Using your scissors, cut the middle two prongs off of your plastic fork so that there are only two prongs left.  Taking your cardboard circle, IMG_2771.JPGpoke at the cardboard with the prongs until they make two holes that are big enough for each prong.


Step 3: Cover the top of your cardboard fork duo (the side that has the handle of the fork sticking out) in double sided tape and then cover the tape in a square of tinfoil, crumpling it up until it completely covers the plastic.  Place this to the side for later use.

Step 4: Next, take your ruler and decorative paper and measure out a rectangle that is 6 inches wide and 5 inches tall.  Cut this rectangle out, making sure to cut precisely on the lines that you drew.

Step 5: After cutting out your rectangle, take your ruler and mark 1/2 of an inch in on the beginning and the end of the 5 inch side.  Once these marks are made sketch a straight line from top to bottom so that you have two horizontal six inch lines on opposite sides.

IMG_2748.JPGStep 6: Now that you have two opposite lines you are going to want to go back in with your ruler and make marks every 1/2 inch on both lines until you reach the end of the paper.  Then, you’ll want to cut down each of these mini lines until you reach the long line that you drew in Step 3.  Fold these tabs down.

Step 7: On the part of your rectangle that has not been drawn on or cut, place a few strips of double sided tap, making sure to place some at the end, beginning, top, and bottom of the paper. IMG_2757.JPG

Step 8: Place your cardboard roll at the top of one of the sides and begin to roll until there is no more cardboard showing.  Press down on the end to make sure that the paper is sealed.  Taking one end of the roll press the small tabs into the opening so that they are now on the inside.  DO NOT DO REPEAT THIS WITH THE OTHER SIDE.

Step 9:  
Take your fork cardboard duo and place it in the unfolded end of the cardboard tube.  Fold the tabs in so that
they secure the fork in place.

Step 10: Turn the cardboard roll right side up so that the fork side is facing down. IMG_2801.JPG Stuff the tube with your confetti filling until it is packed
all the way to the top.

Step 11: Once your cardboard tube is filled all the way to the top attach some double sided tape to the sides of the top.  Next, place a square of tinfoil over the open end and press down to adhere it to the tape.  Then place a smaller square of tissue paper on top of the tin foil so that just a tiny bit of tin foil peeks out from the bottom.  Secure the two layers by wrapping a small piece of ribbon or string around the top of the tube and tying the end into a bow.

These confetti poppers can be used at all sorts of different holidays and events. Since they are fairly easy to make you can make a whole bunch of them at once.  They would probably make great party favors as well.  As always, have fun with this DIY, and have a Happy New Year!



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