Dresses and Vests

It’s cold.

But that’s not anything new, is it?  Winter is cold.  That’s what makes it winter.  Unfortunately, there’s two more months of dry cracked hands and iced over dripping noses.  Winter truly is a magical time.

Of course, I’m kidding, I absolutely love winter.  It’s one of my favorite seasons, even through all tough icy parts.  I mean come on, what’s prettier then snow?  There’s also the fact that winter is hot chocolate season, and to me there’s nothing better then clutching a scorching hot cup on a cold day.

Although winter has its ups and downs, it’s somewhat hard to dress for.  All I want to do when I wake up is lie in bed until I get to go back to sleep again.  On those rare occasions when I do want to get out of bed I spend about twenty to thirty minutes wondering if it’s socially acceptable to just wear my pajamas for the rest of the day.  Don’t get me wrong, I love styling new looks from my wardrobe, but it’s just a little hard to get motivated when the temperature is less then 10 degrees.  Once I finally get past that fact that, no I cannot wear my pajamas out into the world today, I begin to scan my closet for something that’s more socially appropriate.


This is one of my go to outfits on an ice cold day.  Most people don’t think of dresses as a winter item, but with the right pair of boots and some tights, you’re ready to go!  Adding a vest to this combo helps to bring up the cute factor.  I absolutely love J. Crew vests because they look light and airy but they’re really cozy and tend to keep you warm.

IMG_2951.JPGIf the weather does start to warm up in the afternoon, you can always take the vest off.  Vests and dresses make a great combination in the winter especially when all of your thick comfortable sweaters are in the wash.  Overall I really like the way that they look together and I believe that it’s the perfect way to dress up on a drab day.  IMG_3051.JPG



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