Snowy Day


In my hometown, it finally snowed more than an inch.  I spent the majority of the day walking around with a friend of mine and enjoying the beauty that the snow brings to nature.  I took a lot of pictures and here are just a few that I thought you guys might enjoy.

The weighed down branches create somewhat of an arch.
The snow makes the trees frame the nearby homes.
This one is definitely one of my favorites.

I love this picture the sun is glowing and perfect

To celebrate the snow, I thought I’d share this cool snowy trick you can do to make instant maple syrup candy.  Although it’s not the amazing golden maple leaf-shaped candies you can buy in Vermont, it’s a pretty easy and delicious snack.  This is a recipe that takes mere seconds to make and let me just say, it’s also a winter favorite of mine.  It’s inspired by the Little House on the Prairie book series.  I used to always read these books with my mom and in one of the novels they created something quite similar to this.

You will need:

Maple Syrup

A pie tin


A pot

1. You’re going to need to fill your pie tin with snow.  You can IMG_3161.JPGeither leave the tin out while the snow is falling like I did OR you can pack a fresh layer of snow into the tin.  Either way works.

2. Next your going to need to pour one layer of maple syrup into IMG_3163.JPGthe bottom of a small pot.  Turn the stove on High and bring the maple syrup to a boil.

3. Once the maple syrup is boiling, quickly pour IMG_3169.JPGit over the snow, moving it around so the maple syrup is all spread out.


Now that you’ve completed these three simple steps, your ready to enjoy!  You can use a spoon or just pig out with your fingers to eat it.  I think that this is such a great activity for a snowy day and anyone can make it.

A jumping shot of my dear friend, I just couldn’t resist adding this one in. 





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