Hello to Hazel!


Puppies…  They’re cute, cuddly, and there’s something about them that makes even the toughest of souls melt a little inside.  Maybe it’s their adorably tiny noses or their overly sized paws that they tend to trip over, but what it is doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that they’re cute- absolutely positively stinking cute.

I’m pretty sure that by now you all know what I’m about to tell you.  So, without further ado, here she is:

Meet Hazel! IMG_3576.JPG

She is a little bit older than two months and has- without a doubt- stolen my heart.  IMG_7186.JPG
She’s a very willful and feisty puppy but I love her anyway.  Walks on the leash are a little bit challenging but she always greets me  with tons of kisses so it’s all okay.  IMG_7187.JPGBesides begging for scraps of food and running, I think her favorite activity is sleeping.
IMG_7192.JPGYou can see why probably.  It’s tough work being a puppy!IMG_7107.jpgI know I don’t normally post that much about my life but I thought you guys would like to meet Hazel.  If you really liked these pictures and you want to see more photos follow her on Instagram @heytohazel!  IMG_7188.JPG



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