Saint Barts Travel Diary 2016

It’s rainy days like today that make me wish that I lived on a sunny island with a bright blue ocean just seconds away, much like the one that I visited in April.  It was always sunny, even when there was the occasional rain shower.

Saint Barts is a beautiful island that’s about 5 miles long.  It’s so small that the drive from one side of the island to the next takes a little more then 20 minutes.  The ocean is so bright and it’s the type of place where everyone knows everyone.  The minute that I stepped off of the plane I fell in love with the bright beaches and friendly locals.

I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting this island with one of my oldest friends, Carolina.  We spent the week exploring the sandy island and everything it had to offer.  The food was just as stunning as the view.  The whole experience was unreal and I doubt that I will ever forget it.

I decided on this trip that I would share a Travel Diary with you guys because it was just too gorgeous not to.

Saint Barts Travel Diary 2016

Below are some random pictures of my trip which I thought did the island the most justice out of the millions that I took, but trust me, these photos are nothing compared to the real thing.

A shot of out lovely breakfast



Carolina took this adorable shot of cute dog we befriended


The ocean was just breathtaking

If you want to see even more make sure to check out the video.


Don’t forget to check back soon because I have lots of new posts in the works!




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