Copper Wire Rings

Recently, I’ve been in love with these beautiful rings.  I’ve spotted a couple on a few of my friend’s hands, as well as some on people I pass by on the street.  I was considering purchasing a few when I realized that I didn’t need to, I could just make them.  It didn’t seem all that hard, so I gave it a try.  I was delighted to find out that they’re even easier to make then I thought.



Copper Wire Rings

You will need:

Copper Wire (Michaels has some)



Step 1: Cut a 9 inch piece of copper wire and bend it in half so that the two halves are even.

IMG_4164.JPGStep 2: Take 1 cm at the top and bend it inward so that there are four wires lined up for 1 cm and two for the remainder.

Step 3: Take the same section and split it into two wires.  Wrap one of the wires around the others so that the two separated wires are on different sides.

Step 4: BenIMG_4169.JPGd the two sides halfway so that they are now at the center of the swirl of wires that you have just created.  Place the swirl on top of the finger that you want the ring to fit on.

Step 5: Bend one of the halfway wires around the entire finger until it reaches the other side of the swirl.  Repeat with the other wire the opposite way.

Step 6: Cut the wire that is leftover and sticking up past the swirl.  Then tuck the two ends of the wire underneath the swirl so that it appears to be seamless.  Pair with your favorite outfit and enjoy!


I think that these rings are adorable and go really well with just about anything.  My favorite outfit to wear this ring with is a pair of light wash denim shorts and a plain old t-shirt.  I think that wearing clothes that are more on the simple side with statement pieces like this really bring them out.  Of course, these rings also look amazing with outfits that aren’t so simple like the blue and white print romper I am wearing above (A sneak peak of my next blog post).  Overall these rings are great to wear with just about anything and can really brighten an outfit up.  I hope that you guys like them as much as I do!



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