Shift Dresses: Your Thanksgiving Best Friend

Wearing pants on Thanksgiving is an awful decision.  Even worse than regular pants- tight pants.  I didn’t make this fatal mistake last year, but I did make one of almost equal disaster.  I picked out a skirt with a tight waist.  It looked cute, but I did not feel cute by the end of the night.
IMG_5550.JPGLet’s be real.  Overeating and Thanksgiving go hand and hand, there’s no way to avoid it.  You can, however avoid feeling the tight restriction of a non elastic waist band.  That’s why the absolutely best thing you can do for yourself this Thanksgiving is buy a shift dress.  These dresses are perfect for events where you binge on lots of delicious foods that leave you with a watermelon sized bloated belly.  Since there is no waist, you won’t have as much of a problem.  No waist, no problem!         IMG_5565.JPGAlthough shift dresses are perfect for eating, they are not always the best looking.  Some are cute, but some may end up leaving you looking like you’re wearing a pillow case.  This is the problem that I run into again and again.  If you remember all the way back to the end of the Summer, you might remember a shift dress that I talked about in my August Lookbook.  This dress is adorable in every way shape and form, except for the fact that it makes me look extremely boxy.  To fix this, I normally pair it with a belt.  Problem solved.When I was deciding what to wear this Thanksgiving my eyes landed on this dress.  It’s cute, has no waist, and is very festive.  Paired with a belt, scarf, and a pair of boots it quickly became clear that this was going to be my 2016 Thanksgiving outfit.  IMG_5584.JPGIMG_5621.JPGIMG_5549.JPGIMG_5558.JPG

Since I was pairing it with a belt, instead of wearing something with a waist, I could control how tight and how loose it was.  If you have to choose something with a waist or belt, choose belt.  Or if you can just go with a straight up shift dress, that is the 100% best way to go.  Now that you know what to wear, go eat a lot of Thanksgiving food in style.

P.S. The red lipstick that I’m wearing is actually two different colors.  I put a base layer of  Benetint and then topped it off with Nars Lip Pencil in Cruella.IMG_5653.JPG


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