2017 Update



Just about a year ago, I decided that I would start writing more frequently for Papers and Pastels.  In the past year, I’ve posted about anything from Banana Pancakes to Thanksgiving attire. Looking towards the future, I’ve already made some major decisions for 2017.


After a year and a half (has it really been that long?) of posting about a slew of random topics, I’ve decided that this year I will be mostly focusing on the food aspect of my blog.  Now, don’t fret, I will still be posting the occasional outfit post or fitness update (I already have a few new Saturday Strolls prepped for the future), but the majority of my posts will be related to food or recipes.

Now that we’ve got everything about the future all set and addressed, let’s reflect.

2016 was a pretty good year.



This amazing little pup joined my life.  She makes sure that every day is filled with laughter and smiles and I’m grateful for that.  Dogs truly have a way of changing your life- for the better.



IMG_7274.JPGI posted my very first recipe (!!!) and continued to post new recipes throughout the year.


I explored my neighborhood while walking Hazel.  I found out so much about the area that I’ve lived in for the past 15 years!


I ate a lot healthier then I ever had before by trying new foods and opening my mind to possibilities.  (How had I never tried brussels sprouts!?!  They’re amazing!)


I took a photography class and improved my photography skills.


I’m so excited to start 2017.  I hope you are all having an amazing New Year Eve!  I love you guys and the fact that you all read my blog means a more then words could ever express to me.  Thanks for an awesome 2016, I can’t wait to see where this new year will take us.IMG_6276.JPG


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