Saturday Stroll #4

A couple weeks ago I woke up with the urge to walk.  When this happens normally I take Hazel on a nice stroll through our neighborhood and satisfy that craving.  But this time, said craving was taking place at 5:45 in the morning and I knew for a fact that Hazel was still snoozing away (she tends to sleep in until 7:30 what a diva).  So I did the first thing that I could think of, I snatched up my camera, laced up my shoes and headed out the door.


The sun had just risen and the raindrops from the previous night’s storm shone in the morning light.  There were no cars on the road and the world was silent with only the sound of the birds singing their pretty song.  It was almost as if it was summer already. It was perfect.


I know that I’ve been MIA lately, so I apologize.  Don’t worry, though, I’ve got plenty of recipes in the works for the coming weeks so you better get ready.  I hope that the following photos of my town at the crack of dawn will hold you over until next week when I will post a recipe.  You guys are gonna want to get ready for said recipe, it’s delicious and arguably one of my favorites that I’ve ever created.

But that’s next week, let’s stay focused on the morning at hand.
IMG_8031IMG_8055IMG_8078IMG_8072This picture is honestly my favorite out of all of the ones I took, the contrast between the sky and the shadows of the tree just make it seem so mysterious.  You guys will definitely be seeing it again sometime soon!




One thought on “Saturday Stroll #4

  1. I love your blog! I read it every time you post; I especially love how easy and quick all of your recepies are. I just want to let you know that your posts brighten my day!!

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